Back to the Future: the Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon

Until Elon Musk finally builds us a flux capacitor, time travel is still a few weeks in the future. When the time machine is ready, and it will be ready, the Angelus U50 Diver Tourbillon, may be the watch you want to bring not to tip people off that you are so 2018.

Made with a lightweight 45mm Titanium case, the U50 Diver is well suited to survive the Robot Wars. With a skeletonized outer frame alongside easy to read blue and yellow hour markers, this watch is certainly not your unborn grandson’s Rolex. On top of its hard to miss skeletonized features, this piece offers rhodium plated hands and clear-to-see tourbillion movement. In case that wasn’t enough, this time piece boasts water resistance up to 300m, so you can feel secure bringing it on future expeditions to visit the lost city of Miami. But if you’re looking to own this time piece of the future, you may need to stop saving for the future. This watch is sold directly by Angelus Watches for a deep dive of $31,000.

$31,000; Angelus-Watches

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