The future may not have given us flying cars or robot butlers, but it has finally given us a barbecue worthy of the 21st Century. Meet the Cal Flame PV 7000, a food command center worthy of your dominant backyard. The

The Perfect Empanada by Deidre Pujols In Latin and South America, empanadas are a hugely popular pastry dish that can be eaten at any time of day as a meal or even as a snack. When it comes to the empanada

Favorite item on the menu at Ichi Sushi? Umi Masu Iridashi — Ocean Trout in our house-made broth. I love the rich simplicity of this dish. It's a great representation of classic Japanese food. The inspiration for your cooking? My grandmothers first

Alexander’s Steakhouse Head to the SoMa district for a fine dining interpretation of a modern American steakhouse – with a Japanese twist. Executive Chef Marc Zimmerman’s menu at Alexander’s Steakhouse includes classic cuts such as Ribeye, Bone-In New York and Filet

- For a healthier grilling experience, try to go “bottleless.” This means no bottled seasonings, high-sodium marinades or sugary sauces.  Instead, create a fresh citrus marinade with lemons, limes, oranges, vinegars, fresh herbs and grape seed oil. - Always remember that grill heat

By Chef Robert Irvine I don’t really believe there’s much you can do to substitute for beef. The rich taste, the fat, the way it fills you up—healthy options don’t really replicate that, especially if you’re talking about steak. Burgers, though,

Is too much fish putting your health in deep water? By Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, CSSD Many of my athlete clients regularly eat sushi and fish, and consider seafood to be a healthy protein choice. But too much seafood, or even

Before you hit the town for Super Bowl Week, be sure to take in Houston's local culinary excellence. Tell 'em we sent you. Coppa Osteria Coppa Osteria is an Italian trattoria with a flair that provides guests with the perfect pairing of

Cut of Meat: Ribeye Where does it come from: This cut comes from the rib section of the cow. More specifically, it’s a cut that spans between ribs 6 through 12. What’s special: It’s very high in marbling (intramuscular fat), which equates