Live Like Iron Man: Cal Ripken Jr’s mansion hits the auction block

Photographs by Decaro Auctions International/Bob Narod

You may not ever be able to recreate Tony Stark’s hideaway, so you’ll have to settle for a slightly different Iron Man. On May 12th, baseball icon Cal Ripken Jr. is putting his Resiertown, Maryland mansion up for auction, so if you have enough dough, you can live like a baseball superhero.

Resting on an impressive 24.38 acres and 21,890 square feet, Ripken’s property is large and luxe enough to host a Major League franchise.

The property boasts a basketball court, movie theater and baseball diamond

This mansion also features some unique elements that were clearly designed by the Iron Man himself. On the property is both a regulation size baseball diamond and field as well as a full-court indoor basketball court.  It also includes an 8-car garage, an in-home movie theater, and even it’s own private well.  Tell Cal we sent you, and maybe he’ll even throw in one of his Gold Gloves in the deal.

The Cal Ripken Jr. property will be auctioned on Saturday May, 12th by DeCaro Auctions. Private appointments are available by calling 800-332-3767.


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