You’ve likely heard the saying that life is a marathon, not a sprint. But in many ways, it most resembles a steeplechase race—a never-ending race with hurdles along the way that need to be overcome at top speed without breaking

Barry Sloane may not be a Navy SEAL, but he’s sure beginning to know what it feels like to be one. The Liverpool native is the star of the History Channel’s critically-acclaimed series, SIX, Sloane portrays Joe “Bear’ Graves, a

Heavy training and prolonged workouts are both known to suppress the body’s immune system. In addition to leaving athletes more vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections, a weakened immune system can also interfere with exercise recovery, thus increasing injury risk.

Photograph courtesy of Icon Sportswire  As a sleep coach to record-breaking cyclists, international soccer teams, NBA and NFL players, and Olympic and Paralympic athletes, Nick Littlehales knows the importance of rest. In his latest book, Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the

Is too much fish putting your health in deep water? By Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, CSSD Many of my athlete clients regularly eat sushi and fish, and consider seafood to be a healthy protein choice. But too much seafood, or even

The Crucial Mineral: Magnesium Can Help You Optimize Your Body’s Health Most of the athletes I work with can easily rattle off top sources of vitamin C, calcium, and iron, But magnesium…not so much. Yet this vital mineral, the fourth must

I don’t really believe there’s much you can do to substitute for beef. The rich taste, the fat, the way it fills you up—healthy options don’t really replicate that, especially if you’re talking about steak. Burgers, though, are somewhat of

Some of the athletes I work with burn in excess of 1,000 calories an hour, so they may be inclined to overeat candy and baked goods, thinking, “Hey, I can afford the calories.” The truth is more than anyone athletes

Whether you have to hit a fastball, stop a slapshot, or pass another car going 200 miles per hour, every athletic endeavor requires the best vision possible to optimize performance. Pristine eye health—including better depth perception and peripheral vision, reduced