Power Play: Former NHL player Colby Cohen showcases his transition game

Despite playing in the NHL for 19 games, Colby Cohen has still had moments in hockey that many young boys would dream of having. He became a Boston University legend after his game-winning goal in the 2009 National Championship game, the one that helped make him the Frozen Four’s Most Outstanding player. He was also a member of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

When injuries and a lack of playing time began to take its toll, Cohen retired from pro hockey in his mid-20s. “I wasn’t a guy who was going to be happy playing in the AHL for 10 years, because I could have done that”, said Cohen. “I realized pretty quickly that grinding it out in that lifestyle wasn’t for me. I wanted to make a name for myself in a different way.”

After moving on from hockey, Cohen’s first instinct was to go back to Boston University where he was a little over a year shy of graduation. “My first thought after walking away from hockey was to go back to school. I’m still about three classes shy of graduating. But BU (Boston University), was great about welcoming me back even though I was done with playing hockey.”

While at Boston University, Cohen also decided to make headway on his broadcasting dreams. After reaching out to an acquaintance, Cohen was given a chance that he would not surrender. “My first broadcasting gig was actually working for NESN (New England Sports Network). I knew some folks there from my playing days, and so I was able to jump on some of their college hockey shows.”

With his newfound life after exiting the pros in full-swing, Cohen was positioned to launch both his entrepreneurial and broadcasting careers simultaneously. With his new company, Endeavor Athletic, Cohen has created a clothing brand for professional athletes, by professional athletes.

“Endeavor Athletic started out as just a dream with a couple business partners and friends as well. Since we started things have been really ramping up with silent partners who are very active as well as some serious business people.”

Cohen’s dream of founding Endeavor Athletic was largely motivated by a practical need he had discovered as a professional athlete. “During my playing days, I saw firsthand how the wrong clothing or equipment could prevent athletes from reaching their peak performance. Our mission at Endeavor is pretty simple. We want to make a difference and help athletes at all levels reach their peak performance.”

Since his dream took off, Cohen has been juggling NBC Sports Network Radio and Westwood One broadcasts for the NHL, along with higher ambitions for his clothing brand.

“It’s definitely difficult but it’s also a really great opportunity that both the broadcasting side of things and the business side of things have really taken off.”

Cohen also offers advice for athletes who wish to be entrepreneurs. “Part of being an entrepreneur is not knowing exactly what you want to do. There’s a lot of people with entrepreneurial ideas, but they’re either not financially backed or don’t have a fully articulated idea. The key is pushing through that.”

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